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Honey is the delicious alternative sweetener we know and love. This liquid gold has so many wonderful benefits aside from making your tea sweeter. Scientists have conducted studies which show honey is effective when used for treating burns, cough, and so many other common ails.

We have someone to thank for our yummy jars of goodness, 2 trillion ladies to “bee” exact. Our bees are the reason we have this great gift, and it’s up to us to keep these girls alive and buzzing.

A report released in September 2021 stated that the overall population of the American bumblebee has dropped 89%, disappearing from 8 states entirely in the past twenty years! We need these ladies around not only for their honey, but to keep our ecosystem healthy and thriving.

Call it supporting women in business.

One way to help is by planting a bee garden. Things like basil and lavender are great for these girls and yummy additions to your personal pantry. Remember that your impact on this life isn’t just about the now, but about how what you do affects the world of those who will inherit it. Today’s intention is one of change, whether that be a habit in mindfulness or a call to action. Let your intentions be known and act on them with your whole heart and a sharp mind. Like the Queen bee, you are sovereign in your space and it’s your duty to make the world around as sweet as honey, buzzing with positivity.

Be well and bright blessings.

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