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August 2023 Newsletter

Autumn's Beginnings

This month is the holiday Lammas (Lughnasadh) which is a day to celebrate the first harvest of fall! Namely, the harvesting of grain. This was so incredibly important at the time because it made sure to keep families alive and prevent starvation. Have you thought about yourself lately? Have you starved yourself from the necessities in your life in exchange for the comfort of others? The year isn't over yet, there's still so much you can do for yourself. This is the month to eat bread and think of things that aren't over 100 degrees. So as we stuff our faces with the varieties of bread this Fall, please think of yourself and what you may be starving yourself of.

In celebration of Lammas, we have come out with two new products! Blackberry honey and Lammas tea. Wonderful with bread, we hope you continue to look after yourself and fill your body with delicious things!

Try our Lamma Tea Blend! Oolong, Cinnamon, and Ginger!

Here is a recipe for Pulla (Finnish Cardamom Bread)

Try our new release, Blackberry Honey!

Meet Charlie! The creator of Green Witch's Brew and an avid gamer! She's currently into the video game Elder Scrolls Online!

Meet Alyssa! A partner with Green Witch's Brew and an avid music lover! Check out one of her current favorite songs!

What to do in case of a bee swarm!

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