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December 2022 Newsletter

Time to Reflect and See Growth

Have you ever wanted to make a yule cake but didn't know where to start? This recipe even goes into how to make edible decorations for your log (recipe and video)!

Have you ever looked into the health benefits of nutmeg? Check out the link!

Have you Heard of Yule?

Yule is often described as the winter solstice. It’s a pagan holiday which is a 12-day festival. According to the thesaurus, “Yule, or the original 12-day solstice festival celebrated thousands of years before Christmas, is considered one of the oldest celebrations of wintertime in the world.” Yule is the celebration of the sun, rebirth, and renewal. This is a celebration of life.

If you wish to celebrate Yule, then you would be giving thanks to the upcoming spring, let go of the past, and look forward to the future. This is a holiday based on hope. Because this holiday is a festival of the sun, the celebration should include candles, bonfires, and general lights.

More easy ways to celebrate would include eating large meals like plum pudding, cider, and the wonderful dessert Yule Log. Cleanse your house, whether it be through deep cleaning or incense. Herbs to smoke in the house would be something like pine, cedar, rosemary, and frankincense.

This holiday season, I hope you reflect on the past and let go of the things you don’t want to hold on to. If you don’t want to be negative, then slowly learn to release the energy. It’s important to live the kind of life that’s true to who you truly are, and not the reactions of the people who do not live your life for you.

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