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May 2023 Newsletter

May for New Beginnings!

Spring has sprung and the rain on our window sill comes as a reminder that it can take dark and cloudy times for things to bloom to their full potential. Just like a seed deep in the soil, weathering winter cold and rain to sprout new life in spring, we need the proper time and resources to get what we want from life and ourselves. Ensure that your space is the "fertile earth" you need. See that your needs are met in all aspects of life. Care for yourself. Pour into yourself just as the rain pours down on the land, quenching its thirst. Embrace your growth and flourish with the new coming dawn of Spring.


Ready to try something yummy?


What are the health benefits of Calendula?


Fun facts about the Green Witch's Brew ladies!

Meet Charlie! The creator of Green Witch's Brew and an avid candy lover. Her favorite candy is Sour Straws!

Meet Alyssa! A partner with Green Witch's Brew and a music lover. Check out one of her current favorite songs!


Bees playing with balls? Yes please!!

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